Friday, July 27, 2012

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Marines can now exit the Corps with an honorable discharge a year earlier than their original end of active service date.

Marine Administrative Message 371/12 approved the start of the Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program, and gives certain Marines the option of electing an early discharge. The MarAdmin is effective immediately and continues until September 2013.

The VEERP is being implemented as a cost-saving initiative, permitting the shaping and sustainment of the force within the approved budget constraints, according to MarAdmin 371/12. It will aid in the Corps’ upcoming drawdown effort, scheduled to begin this October.

Commanders will need to recommend approval of a specific date of separation when endorsing a Marine’s request for early release and must provide specific justification for individual Marines not recommended for approval to participate in the program.

The VEERP is approved for Marines with an EAS within fiscal year 2013. Marines with an EAS on or after Oct. 1 of this year are not qualified to separate prior to Oct. 1, 2012. Applicants also need to be eligible for an honorable discharge and cannot be scheduled to deploy.

Units will not rate replacements for Marines who choose to participate in the VEERP until the Marines original EAS date.

Those not eligible are Marines scheduled for transfer to the retired list; Marines who are indebted to the Marine Corps, which includes advance and excess leave; those who already fall under the Headquarters Marine Corps early out programs; Marines involved in the National Call to Service Program; and Marines already on terminal leave.

Marines who manifest symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury and are undergoing post deployment health evaluation and management care will not be separated under this authority until that process is complete or a waiver of treatment evaluation has been executed by a medical professional.

For more information see MarAdmin 371/12. Contact your unit’s career planner for information on how to apply or to see if you meet qualification requirements.

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